money 101


I seek refuge in Allah from satan the accursed.

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate Most Merciful.

Allah is God Almighty, the One beyond our perception and undefinable.  He has no son, no partners, and no equals.  He is the Creator and everyone and everything else is created by Him.

Money makes the world go round, right? Many of you who clicked on this article did it out of curiosity or wondering that maybe you will find something that will make you millions in a couple of days or weeks.  I’m not going to say that it’s impossible to make a ton of money fairly quickly, but I will say there are certain overarching rules or laws created by Allah SWT around money that if followed will allow anyone to make more than they are used to making.

The first rule you should drill in your head is that whether it is more money or anything else you desire in life, they CANNOT be achieved instantly!  Things that can be achieved instantly do not usually incite such deep desires in us.  For example, if you are middle class and you feel hungry, you simply go to the fridge and eat food, or you drive to a restaurant and fulfill your need pretty quickly.  So deep desires usually arise for things that we cannot achieve readily or easily.  Many people, including myself, feel frustrated after a day, a week, a month, or even a year of trying to achieve something important to us.  It is natural to feel that way but you must understand why we feel this way. The reason is subconscious.   Although we do not consciously think like this but I believe many of us are living under the illusion that we all made it to heaven and therefore everything we wish for should be granted to us right away without any questions asked.  Yes my friend, indeed we have not made it to the “promised land” as yet because this is life on earth with its rules and laws, and if we accept them and learn to work with them instead of against them, our lives will be much smoother and much less crazy.  This is the whole test: who can accept the rules of life and work with them to succeed.  All the prophets peace be upon them knew and understood this and that is why they were able to succeed in getting through all their lives with greatness and grace. So learn to work with the laws created by Allah SWT when it comes to acquiring more money.

Let me clarify that money is nothing more than a collective belief that certain rectangular pieces of paper and circular metal pieces are distributed amongst people to be exchanged for goods and services.  Most of us live in countries that have central banks that are the only ones allowed to print and circulate money, and therefore the citizens only agree on “legitimate” money as that printed through the central bank.  This means that although some people under satan’s temptation, scan or print copies of “real” money, once discovered, it is considered counterfeit and therefore discarded, leaving the holder of that paper money in loss.

Now that you’re clear about the nature of money, you should know that there is more than enough money out there for everyone.  Yes, I said everyone.  If you are skeptical of my claim please bear with me and God willing I will explain to you why that is.  Unfortunately in the Muslim community I have noticed many people have a “scarcity”   perspective when it comes to money.  These people believe that there is only so much money out there and that if they don’t get to it first then they will lose their chance at a “slice of the pie.”  Sorry to burst your bubble but there is NO pie.   Let me repeat that: there is NO pie! That’s correct my friends.  Allah SWT creates wealth and prosperity for anyone He likes.  The way He designed the world is so that different people can succeed at different rates and therefore the amount of wealth around the world fluctuates all the time.

If you have something really great to offer people then they will readily pay you for it.  Think about any successful business today.  Let’s take the classic example of McDonald’s restaurants.  It started out as a single store owned by one man and grew over the decades into a worldwide phenomenon making millions of dollars in profits each year.  So if there is a “pie” then McDonald’s shouldn’t have been able to achieve such great success because there would have been a limited amount of money already in the hands of those who had it for generations.  I hope I’m getting through to you.

To further understand the flow of money, pay attention to the ideas perpetuated by those around you ,especially authority figures in your life.  Believing that money is scarce leads to hoarding, which is a result of these ideas being constantly repeated by whom we consider authority figures, such as parents, media, elders, etc.  So it feels real and takes on a life of its own since it is believed by so many people at the same time.

I want you to really understand and accept that Allah SWT has made this life for us with endless possibilities for prosperity and happiness.  I want to share with you a personal experience from a couple years ago that illustrates the power of collective belief in a simple idea.

I am a certified teacher and worked at a small Islamic school for a little over a year.  The year that I started teaching there, the administration took all the staff to a whole day of workshops related to improving teaching practices.  One of the experiences I had at a workshop that day still baffles me to this day.  We were greeted by an older white male teacher from a public school running his workshop.  He asked for about six volunteers for a demonstration.  I volunteered to go up with some others. He then went to a wall of the room and picked up a rod about four feet in length sitting on the floor amongst other rods, tied up loosely with strings.  He undid the strings and told us to stand in a row and across from each other, so three by three.  He then told us to hold out our index fingers and slightly curl them around the rod to  balance it. He then added that we should be careful with the rod as they are helium sticks and that we would have to constantly communicate efficiently to bring the rods down to our knee level.  So I knew then that if one set of people lowered it we all had to lower it at the same time if we wanted this to work.  Well it turned out that we had difficulty bringing the rod down as a group because the helium stick would hover from one end or the other.  Before we knew it, the instructor told us all to let the stick go, and upon that, it fell to the ground.  Before we could express our confusion about this situation, the instructor jumped right in with the words, “This was no helium stick.  It was difficult bringing it down because you all believed it would float in the air.  It was the energy created by your strong belief!”

The point is, that we often just believe what we are being told and because we trust the source of our knowledge so much, we feel its authenticity without ever questioning it.  That’s the problem many people have when it comes to money: whenever some “expert” or an authority figure makes a bold statement about money, people start circulating it until it becomes a part of their normal life regardless of its real value.  So it is very possible that in order to make more money than you already are, you need to change what you believe about it.

To be continued…


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