Recommit to wealth


My dream is to see Muslims worldwide live happy and prosperous lives by following the greatest gift given to mankind through our beloved Prophet Mohammed SAW: the Holy Quran.  That is why I believe it is extremely important for all Muslims to strive for better financial success because that allows to build more prosperity and harmony amongst everyone.

Just look at neighborhoods around your country where people do not have enough money to support their families. What happens as a result?  Many people start resorting to illegal activities such as theft, drug trafficking, violence, and other immoral acts.  Then compare those neighborhoods to places where most people have enough to make ends meet plus extra for holidays or other leisure activities.  I’m talking about even just plain middle class families, because they generally have some budget for extra or fun stuff in life.  You can see what a huge difference money makes in people’s lives and communities.

Many people get confused by money and feel that it is evil and leads to greed and overly lavish lifestyles. But the truth is that money does not do any of that.  That is because greed and lavish lifestyles are there because people choose to want more without giving back and people choose to use their money for nonsense.  Therefore, it is not money but rather the intentions and desires of people that lead to immoral behavior.  If someone wishes to have parties at their house all the time and buy a fleet of luxury cars, and one day they manage to get the amount of money needed to do so, they will fulfill those desires because they wanted to do those things all along and not because somehow having money made them do that.

Look at the example of Prophet Sulayman AS.  He was not only extremely wealthy, but also extremely powerful and influential in his times.  But he had goodness in his heart and feared Allah SWT and so He followed Allah’s rules and used his money in a balanced and beneficial manner.  It is said that the Israelites enjoyed great prosperity under his reign.  Why? Because he did not just use it to buy only what he liked, but also focused a large chunk of it on making life better for his people.   This way, Allah SWT kept money flowing freely to him and he never got poor from using it for the betterment of everyone in his kingdom.   So money is not good or bad in itself, but rather it is the owner of that money is good or bad.

So  if as a Muslim, you use and follow the rules of Allah SWT around money-making, you will by His grace make progress and build prosperity for everyone around you.  If you feel any resentment towards a wealthy person such as Bill Gates, I would strongly urge you to stop feeling like that and instead look towards that person with respect and awe.  The reason is, that Bill Gates and any other person like him is not the only one making money.  That’s part of the picture.  Look at the whole picture and you will see that Bill Gates’ company provides jobs for hundreds of thousands of people directly and indirectly.  His company Microsoft is one of the biggest in the world, employing hundreds of thousands of people.  The company not only pays the employees great salaries, but also great benefits and bonuses. Indirectly Microsoft helps other people make money because they pass on their products to online and offline vendors such as Best Buy or even small business, all of whom use and sell the products to then make more money.  This way, you can see that although Bill Gates makes a ton of money, he more than deserves that money because he makes other people rich too.

This is the part where many Muslim entrepreneurs go wrong, because they often set up a business to make themselves rich and in this process often wonder why their business is struggling instead of thriving. Now you know the answer. If you’re in it for yourself know that you are working against Allah’s laws for prosperity and you will always remain paranoid about your finances and will hoard money instead of spend and save.  So Allah SWT’s law for being rich is first and foremost thinking about how you can provide others with more value than they are paying for, and part of that law is intending to make other people rich with your business.  Please do not listen to satan’s advice because there is more than enough money for everyone out there. And if he does whisper anything simply choose to ignore it and follow Allah’s laws of purity and integrity.

Many Muslims make the mistake of asking the wrong questions when it comes to making money.  If you want to make money, you do not ask “how do I make money?” or “how do I make people give me money?”  you ask “how do I give others something that provides them with value?”  Remember that when you give others value for their money,  it means that you give them something that is worth more than they are paying for.  Even if you are a stock boy for a grocery store, you will have the time of your life if you provide you employer with more value for the money he/she pays you, because when it comes to firing people, you can bet you won’t be one of the fired employees.  Instead, if you decide to resign, it is very likely you will be offered a raise or some other form of benefit such as more flexibility, because you provide more than what is expected of you.    So if you desire to start your own business, don’t think what the business can do for you, but instead think about what your business can do for others and soon enough you will find yourself face to face with abundance in your life.  The key is to always work with the fundamental rules and laws set by Allah SWT and not against them.  Reach for excellence in your craft and watch Allah’s laws work for you as He blesses your business with willing and loyal customers.

I will end this piece by summarizing the key points you must take with you:

  • As Muslims, it is our duty to reach for higher financial success in order to build prosperity for everyone around us
  • Ask yourself how you can provide others with value and money will flow easily to you
  • Money is not good or bad, but rather is used for good or bad purposes by the person who has it
  • Look to financially successful people with respect for ideas and inspiration
  • Clarify verbally to Allah SWT exactly why you wish to get higher success, and your verbal statements must match what is in your heart
  • You can never achieve financial freedom if you believe in holding back or hoarding money for the sake of seeing it pile up, as it will only make you more needy and petty

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