Life changing experiment p3



Reading is something we all need to be doing on a daily basis.  If you feel reading is something that is not that important or beneficial, think again.  Research shows that unlike watching television, which is a passive process, reading is an active mental process because it forces us to use our brain.  It also provides other benefits such as improved focus, better memory, enhanced vocabulary, helps build self esteem, improves creativity, and even reduces boredom.  However, in order to maximize your benefits, it is crucial to make it a part of your daily routine.

This portion of the experiment can be done whatever time of day you choose, however the catch is that you must make it non-negotiable to read about 10 pages per day.  Over time, God willing, you will see the positive effects of the books on your behavior and life.The reason 10 pages per day is effective, is because most of us tend to pick up books and read a couple pages, or read a section and forget about it.  But if you make it non-negotiable to read 10 pages every day, then you set yourself up for better consistency in your reading habits.

Remember the high importance our faith gives to literacy.  In fact, the very first verses of  the Quran given to our beloved Prophet Mohammed pbuh began with the command to read:

“ Read in the name of your Lord Who created. He created man from a clot. Read and your Lord is Most Honorable.” (96:1-3)

By the grace of Allah SWT, I made the commitment to read about 10 pages per day, and I recently completed reading the biography of the Prophet pbuh by Tariq Ramadan.  Looking back, I realize that reading 10 pages per day really helped me build discipline in my reading habits and allowed me to complete the biography that otherwise I might not have completed.  If you are interested in a certain topic or theme, you would greatly benefit from researching the best written books for that field and then reading through them one by one.  Just know that it is small things done consistently that produce big results overtime.


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