The Perfect Du’a Recipe


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate Most Merciful.


Dua (prayer) is the main means of communication between man and God.   It is this special bond we have with God Almighty, that brings us peace from our periphery to the very core of our being. Dua is what keeps us going in life, as it motivates us to do what we need to do in order to be successful.  So if you are ready for an exciting and fulfilling journey to your desired destination, try this recipe which is a slight twist of the traditional and commonly known recipe for dua.



(permissible) goal or desire









You need to have a goal or end result you hope to achieve in the near future. Dua is basically you seeking Allah SWT’s help and guidance in manifesting this desire in your present and physical life.  This could be anything, for example wanting admission to a specific medical school, cure for an illness, having children of your own, a new and better job, or any other thing in life that you feel you must achieve in order to make your life more fulfilling.  Just make sure that what you want does not rob anyone else of their rights.


The best and fastest way to manifest your dua, is to focus on one main goal at a time.  This means that you must pick the one most important thing at the present time, and set your mind to achieving that goal to the exclusion of other desires.  You should devote a week to ten days focusing on this goal in your duas before you move on to the next important goal.   Focusing on one goal at a time allows you to center and channel your thoughts towards actualizing your desire more efficiently.


Emotion is the oldest language in the universe.  It is the cord that connects us to Allah SWT just as the umbilical cord connects the fetus to its mother.  Without emotions, there is no salah and nor is their any dua.  Hence, you must have or build a strong emotional connection between your desires and the words you use in dua if you hope to get any tangible results.  The stronger the “emotional charge” of your dua, the higher your hopes of seeing Allah SWT manifest it for you.


You need to see yourself living your goal.  This does two things:

  • clarifies to both you and Allah SWT exactly what you expect your life to look like with the fulfillment of that desire and,
  • forces you to specify to Allah SWT how you expect to feel as a result of fulfilling your desire

The second point is especially important because many times we assume a “natural” reaction from getting the things we want in life, but in reality, things do not always elicit the kinds of responses we assume they will.   Therefore, it is crucial to visualize how you feel inside as a result of manifesting your goal.  To do so, close your eyes and visualize your life with the final result of your desired goal (e.g. you are a doctor working in your own clinic), all the while paying attention to how you feel emotionally from achieving your goal.  Plus, you must see the sights, hear the sounds, feel the surroundings, and if applicable, taste the foods all while living your new desired life in your mind. Take it further if you can, by describing out loud your imaginary experience.  This will really get you in a good mood and allow you to expand on your final result.  Do not dwell on how and when you will achieve it. That is for Allah SWT to make clear with time.  Your job at this point is strictly to display your vision for your life with that desire fulfilled.


Once you have spent some days on making dua through saying out loud and visualizing your end result, you must trust and leave it to Allah SWT to make it happen for you.  What this means is that you stop attaching your happiness to the achievement of your dua/desire.  You must bow down in humility towards Allah SWT for what He has already given you, and relish in the countless blessings presently in your life.  It is a grave mistake to fall prey to satan’s whisperings by sulking and feeling constantly miserable all because you do not have a certain something in your life as yet.  In order to really achieve true fulfillment you must live life with contentment and gratefulness with full conviction that Allah SWT will help you manifest your dua because He has complete control over every particle in this universe.


There you have it.  Hope this dua recipe allows you to cook up some delicious happiness in your life, just as it has allowed me to do so.  Here’s another tip to help boost your dua:  Perhaps Allah SWT will fulfill it sooner than you expect it if you

explain to Allah SWT how fulfilling your dua will benefit others in your life, or even better, others in the world.  Your words must match your thoughts, which must match your emotions, because you cannot hide anything from the All-Merciful All-Knowing.  For example: “Y’Allah, make me the manager for my store so that I may give all employees longer breaks and negotiate more paid vacation for all of us.”  And remember, don’t just say it, see it and feel it.


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  1. Great post… we must also be persistent when we make Du’a so Allah (swt) knows that we mean what we are asking for. And its a good idea to make dua for Allah (swt) to do that which is best for us instead of asking for specific dua’s, because as he is the Creator, he knows what is best for the creation. Sometimes we may make a Du’a and Allah(swt) may accept it, and then we cannot live with it because it is not what we expected. When we believe that Allah (swt) is the best disposer of our affairs, life will take a pleasant turn, insha’Allah. 🙂

    Loved the recipe by the way! 🙂

  2. thanks for liking the recipe. You have a point there about God knowing what is best for us so i guess it would be better if we prayed for our specific want and then added “and please make this a good thing for me, or give me something even better.” 🙂

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